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Jean Pons, “Peintre de Ruptures”

An exhibition dedicated to Jean Pons entitled “Peintre de Ruptures” will take place from 20 October to 10 November 2016 in Paris at Yves Klein Archives.
This is a marvellous opportunity to discover or rediscover the work of this renowned artist, painter and lithograph.

Jean Pons opened his first lithography workshop in Paris in 1938 in a cellar in Montparnasse which was the meeting place for many French and foreign artists and which played a key role in the exhibiting of abstract art. In 1952 he created the October group with Charles Estienne.

Pons’s workshop acquired its reputation for excellence over the years thanks to the work done by a multitude of artists, some of whom are now famous. Whether they are painters, sculptors or poets, all of them are fascinated by the sensitivity of the manual work that is carried out there: the preparation of the stone, the inking of the image, the adjusting of the pressure, all this very special know-how that a machine would not be able to reproduce.

Today, Elisabeth Pons’s lithography workshop is located in Issoudun. It is run by Elisabeth Pons, the daughter and disciple of the artists, who has been able to maintain the trusting relationship between the artists and the lithograph which her father breathed life into and perpetuate the spirit that has always reigned in the workshop. This is a rare place where recognised artists and new talents are welcomed with the same consideration.