The Association of the Creators Lithographers ( ACL), arose from artists’ will lithographers and of art amators. They saw in the lithography a way of distribution of the accessible art for all, as it was the case in past. His multiple character assures it the possibility of being, in a single work, seen in various places (exhibitions, museums, galleries).


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ACL vocation is to promote and to spread the lithography at the artists and the amateurs. For that purpose, the association organizes individual exhibitions or group at Issoudun and develops promotional activities in France and abroad.

Lapicque au travail sur la pierre.
Lapicque, drawing on the stone



The realization of a lithography possesses qualities such as its name is not associated with a reproduction printed matter, but such as it is a multiple original which can compete with a unique original. It multiplicity implies a reasonable price and allows young art amateurs to acquire a work of an artist originals of which they appreciated, inaccessible for them. The multiplicity allows especially the creators to spread them works and thus by the same to be known about the public.






ACL association is in narrow partnership with the Pons Workshop and benefits from an access favored to it representative historical archives of an important part of the contemporary art.

site historique
Historical Website