Original Lithography

To write on the stone


The lithography is a flat printing process used for two goals:

First, “Commercial lithography”, to inform by texts or reproduced art works (Posters, invitation cards).

Last, “Original lithography” of art works.


To be said “Original” and by consequence named Art work, the lithography must be done by the artist hand’s, on the stone, and the printing done by hand press.

The Lithograph, always carring about the stone, give by that way the level of his talent and his know how, at each print execution.

All mecanic or photographic process is banned : It’s only the human hand who is doing the work.


The lithography, in this case, is indeed an expression way, and surely not a reproduction way.


The artist work, entirely accomplished by hand, can be therefore honored “Original lithography” or ” Art lithography”.


Jean Pons.